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adipose tissueAdipose Tissue

Biohellenika the greatest company of stem cells storage in Greece, provides exclusively the storage of adipose tissue derived stem cells from adults.  Biohellenika has the first laboratory in Greece for the isolation and cryopreservation of adipose derived stem cells.

Studies have shown that stem cells that we have in our body can lose some of their potential as we grow older. As the need for use in regenerative medicine is increased, it is necessary to preserve our cells as we are young and healthy.  The doctors can aspirate adipose tissue either during a visit as an exterior patient, of during a scheduled liposuction. 

Biohellenika will store the stem cells with safety and deliver them ready to use, after thaw, when the patient’s doctor will decide to use them.

New clinical trials use the stem cells of the adipose tissue for many therapeutic applications, including cardiovascular diseases, applications in plastic and esthetic surgery, skeletal regeneration and gastrointestinal tract malfunctions.

Analytically, the storage of stem cells from adipose tissue is now important, and they can be used immediately, without side effects:

1.     Because now our cells are young, vital and free from any disease, probably they may not be as healthy when they are needed.

  1. Because our valuable cells must not be disposed after liposuction or any other surgical procedure

Adipose tissue derived stem cells already have been used in:

Breast reconstruction after partial mastectomy or lumpectomy. Also in combination with lipotransferring for breast augmentation

Tissue regeneration after irradiation necrosis

Calvarial repair after injury

Fistula healing:  tracheal (tissue necrosis), perianal and Crohn’s disease

Acute GVHD after bone marrow transplantation

Facial and skin rejuvenation and other cosmetic corrections of the skin that are arose from aging and sun exposure

Experimental studies that are shown promising therapeutic use in the near future:

Multiple Sclerosis

Hemorrhagic or ischemic stroke

Spinal cord injury

Parkinson’s disease

Pulmonary disease

Urinary incontinence

Acute renal tubular disease after chemotherapy


Liver disease

Diabetes I

Acute or chronic cardiac ischemia

Diabetic ulcers and peripheral arterial vascular disease

More promising therapeutic uses:

Intervertebral disc repair

Muscle, bone or tendons repair after injury

Vocal fold repair

Corneal repair

Periodontal disease


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