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The doctors of Biohellenika answer to your questions

Medical Advisory Center

In Biohellenika operates a modern Medical Center for parents’ information about the applications of stem cells and guide them according to their family or personal medical records. The center was created in 2009 with the contribution of a specialized team of scientists in the health sector, aiming to promote innovative, effective and safe health services.

The philosophy of the doctors who established and operates Biohellenika’s Medical Advisory center is to inform parents and patients about the therapeutic applications of stem cells, the advantages of family banking and to teach and facilitate the scientific community about these unique services. Prerequisite for this is the constant update, the in-depth knowledge of the worldwide current developments of stem cells and the commitment to providing superior quality services at affordable prices.


Aims of the Medical Advisory Center

The Medical Advisory Center of Biohellenika aims to improve health and to treat diseases. The scientific Head of the Center, Dr. George Koliakos collaborates with specialized teams of doctors and according to the international literature, they are designing clinical trials for the treatment of specific types of diseases. Also, scientific conferences for the prevention, current and future uses of stem cells are organized in the frame of these services.

Dr. Kouzi-Koliakos,  Professoranf Head  of Embryology-Histology Department, conducts personal meetings with the parents and patients for any medical problem and provides guidance.

The Medical Advisory Center supports parents and its operation is characterized by cooperation and understanding medical problems and their difficulties.


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