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Biohellenika a place of scientific offer and creativity

The scientific team of Biohellenika consists of internationally known professors who come from the Medical and Biotechnology fields and offer the best services concerning the quality control and cryopreservation of umbilical cord blood stem cells.

Biohellenika strives to follow the following principles:

  • to continuously improve and widen our capabilities in our daily services, for the benefit of the society,
  • to remain human, discreet and worthy of the trust of our clients and collaborators,
  • to be at the cutting edge of developments in biomedical technology.

Biohellenika was founded in order to supply our country with Biotechnology services of comparable or even better quality and lower cost, compared to similar international companies.

As a primary service in this field, Biohellenika offers reliable services for processing, quality control and cryopreservation of histoplastic and haematopoietic cellular transplants that are collected at birth from the umbilical cord blood.

Βiohellenika has as a purpose in its existence:

  • to support the health sector with modern biotechnology services.
  • to satisfy existent health needs of the Greek public by the implementation of high standards of medical biotechnology.
  • to always operate under medical ethics and under the current applicable legislation.

Biohellenika implements the necessary and credible biotechnological techniques and methods in order to improve the quality of life and assist in the prevention of diseases.

  • Biohellenika aims to always be at the forefront of new developments and be the pioneer in the innovative services it offers.
  • Biohellenika aims to attract respectable scientists who want to be creative and contribute to out country.
  • Biohellenika aims to shortly become the model company that, with their excellence, will honour our country in the international scientific field.
  • Biohellenika operates with transparency, pursues and seeks inspections, evaluations and well-intended criticism, which is why it aims to attain all the international certifications relating to the quality of the services provided.

The scientists and the rest of the company personnel will always strive to ensure that clients are met with comfort, safety and without delays, our services are excellent, and our clients benefit from our intensive customer care during their whole collaboration with our company.


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