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Biohellenika successfully renewed the ESYD accreditation

 Biohellenika has been rated for the 10th time by ESYD (National Accreditation System) and has successfully renewed its accreditation. The accreditation concerns all the  tests carried out in its laboratories and concerns all the stages of processing and storing the stem cells. The current audit was fully in line with the requirements of Ministerial Decision 18092 of 24/3/2017 on the terms and conditions for the operation of Umbilical Cord Blood Banks.

Biohellenika has all the necessary equipment in multiple, facilities and accreditations and has the flexibility to automatically adapt to any requirements  if requested. The lab has been implementing quality systems since 2006 and today it has a high level of reliability and maturity.

Biohellenika thanks and congratulates the  staff for the outstanding performance  during the inspection, due to the education, responsibility and long stay in the company.

Koliakos George

CEO and President of Biohellenika

Professor of Medicine




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