Today, September 7, 2018, Biohellenika is particularly proud to have successfully renewed its international accreditation by the American Association of Blood Banks (ΑΑΒΒ) after a two-day thorough inspection.  

Biohellenika's first accreditation took place in 2010 and has since been renewed every two years with success. This accreditation accepts the units that are kept in its laboratories in all hospitals in Greece and abroad. Accreditation by AABB is an internationally recognized guarantee of the quality of services offered by Biohellenika both for the processing and storage of units and for their release for therapeutic applications in clinics and hospitals in Greece and abroad. It should be noted that Biohellenika is the only Greek company that has successfully released units for treatment both in the United States and in Europe.

The president of Biohellenika SA, Dr. George Koliakos congratulates the staff of the company for their impeccable appearance during the AABB inspection conducted by a special assessor, lasted two days and said "It is very important for a Greek company to maintain the international accreditation during the hard years of the financial crisis.  With the international accreditation of AABB, the value and security of the services offered by the company to both the international medical society  and  parents who have chosen Biohellenika to preserve their children's stem cells is confirmed and guaranteed. The high-quality services of our company and the necessary infrastructures and investments required for this purpose are combined with a competitive pricing policy tailored to today's difficult economic conditions. Biohellenika remains faithful to its principles to serve proactive  parents who decide to secure the health of their children by keeping precious stem cells at birth ".

The unique services  that Biohellenika provides including collection of the umbilical cord blood, placenta perfusion, mesenchymal stem cells from the  entire umbilical cord, stem cells from the deciduous teeth, and adipose tissue, supplemented last year with the Very Small Embryonic Like Stem Cells (VSELs) from  the Umbilical Cord Blood and  Placenta Perfusion in combination with the latest generation of equipment, the state of the arts  laboratories, the  immediate service and the scientific and medical support  of the parents by distinguished doctors during the 20 years agreement,  highlight Biohellenika as a unique company that stands with humanity  and reliability to the needs of the families. The company also has a national accreditation from the ESYD and two certifications for its laboratories.

A few words about AABB
AABB is an international organization that accredits  institutions involved in cell therapies including transplantation medicine. It was founded in 1947 and is committed to promoting the improvement of health services by developing practices and standards in medical and cellular therapies to optimize the 
safety of both the donor and the patient. (


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