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Preparation of innovative and advanced antimicrobial skin regeneration patches supplemented with extracellular matrix components and stem cells T6YVP-00288 with the co-funding of Greece and European Union


Preparation of innovative and advanced skin regeneration patches with inherent antimicrobial activity supplemented with extracellular matrix components and stem cells.

Today, regeneration and healing of the skin occurs mainly through invasive methods, which are painful, time consuming, costly and stressful for patients. A new trend in the healing of skin wounds is the use of hydrogel-type polymeric patches which maintain a moisture level suitable for tissue regeneration.

However, these patches trap moisture in the skin, which, while it is necessary for tissue growth, is also an agent for the growth of microbes. To address this, antimicrobial drugs have been used but they were found to slow down the regeneration of skin tissue. Thus, the development of innovative polymeric patches whose molecules carry antimicrobial compounds or possess antimicrobial topography are a promising solution to this problem.

​BIOHELLENIKA biotechnology company, with years of experience in the stem cell field and research on cellular therapies and modern equipment on its premises, NANOTYPOS O.E. nanoprint lithography research and development company, with extensive know-how in nano- production processes and innovative facilities, and the team of Professor Bikiaris with the necessary experience and the appropriate laboratory equipment for the development of new advanced polymeric materials, are working together to:

  1. Develop hydrogels with inherent antimicrobial activity by chemically modifying and surface topography.
  2. Further boost the prepared hydrogels with bioactive peptides and a combination of the latter with ASCs (Human Adipose Stromal Cells) which are essential for skin growth and complete healing of wounds.
  3. Assess the action of advanced skin regeneration patches.

Project Coordination: BIOHELLENIKA (Dr. George Koliakos, MD)
Principal Investigator: Dr Kokkona Kouzi-Koliakou, MD
Duration: 1/05/2020-27/08/2023

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Φύλαξη βλαστοκυττάρων Biohellenika - Αριθμός Μ.Α.Ε.: 60077/062/Β/06/0031 Γ.Ε.ΜΗ: 58882804000 - Κατασκευή Ιστοσελίδων Hexabit - W3C - Pagespeed