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Why Preservation of adipose tissue derived stem cells  is Important
Whoever has an active role in healthcare and welcomes the idea of regenerative medicine should inform and suggest the preservation of adipose-derived primitive and regenerative cells. Scientific studies have shown that these cells have the potential to play an important role in personalized regenerative medicine.
Consult your doctor and ask for more information regarding the next steps. We also invite you to visit our website for further information.

Biohellenika's Certifications
Biohellenika is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance for the process, quality test and cryopreservation of autologous cell population from adipose tissue.
The function of separation and cryopreservation laboratories is adjusted to the NATIONAL LEGISLATION demands, the European Instructions, the AABB regulations, JACIE and Netcord, and the ISO 9001,13485, 14644, 15189 και 27001. The equipment used carries the CE badge, while all materials are approved for human therapeutic use (EOF).
Biohellenika has received all permits demanded by Greek legislation, thus always functioning legally, the laboratories abide by all relevant international regulations and are under evaluation for the AABB (American Association of Blood Banks) certification.
Biohellenika has today 8 clean rooms, 5 in Thessaloniki and 3 in Athens, that are specially designed for the processing of the cord
stem cells. The clean rooms are certified according to the GMp and ISO 14644-5 και VDI 2083 standards. The company follows all ISO
13485 safety regulations (medical equipment) and ISO 27001 (data safety).

The Advantages of Biohellenika

Biohellenika, one of the biggest Greek Stem Cells Bank in Europe, offers high quality, scientifically proven innovative services which derive from the long experience and research of distinguished scientists. Get to know Biohellenika, a company of high standards and strict operation criteria, where science is the foundation of human life.
Biohellenika is the only company today that uses the latest technologically advanced equipment that follows a Certified Procedure
that guarantees safety during the whole procedure.
Within the frame of unique benefits, Biohellenika's innovative services are offered at special prices with favourable financial settlement terms.


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